Rose, Lilly, Billy, Bucky, Stormy and Patches

I appreciate all of my sweet babies! Rose and Lilly (two sister donkeys) love to help me keep the grass down in the field. They hee haw and sing a song to me every time they see me in hopes for some apple and carrots. They love to get hugs. Then there is Billy, Bucky, Stormy, and Patches (4 miniature goats) they keep the grass down at the creek for me. They love to climb and butt heads.  They scream every time they see me wanting a treat and back scratches. They are definitely silly goats!  My miniature dachshund Daisy guards the homestead while I work. When I’m at home she she shares her love and kisses with me. She thinks of herself as the goat herder. She is the sweetest! All of my fur babies bring me so much joy!

Heather Cassell