Virat "Tuk" Pitayatonakarn

April 25, 1946 - September 23, 2023

Virat was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1946. He was a wonderful protector and influence for his younger brothers as they grew up.
Virat eventually moved to Udon, Thailand to work in the restaurant business with his brother. It is there he met his wife, Napaporn Boonravikoon. They had three loving children.
Virat soon decided to make a home for his family in Arlington, Virginia near where his brothers and sisters lived. They always had fun together.
Virat loved driving and taking trips with his family. Eventually they made their home in Winchester, Virginia.
Virat and his wife were a loving couple who never spoke an ill word to each other in fifty years.
Sadly, Virat's wife passed away in 2022, soon followed by their youngest son, Pramoth.  Pramoth is survived by his wife, Anika.
Virat is also survived by his cherished grandson, Tanapit; and his brothers and sisters, Dr. Poonsri Lekagul and her husband, Dr. Noir Lekagul, Mrs. Poonsup Ramanta, Mr. Eak Tonakarn, Mr. Somsawat and his wife, Wilai Pitayatonakarn, Mr. Sompong and his wife,  Oy Pitayatonakarn, and Mr. Somchai and his wife, Virginia Pitayatonakarn.